Pack Up, Get Your Girls and Travel the World… My Top 3 Dream Girls Trips

June 23, 2017

We need to plan a girls trip to relax, bond and make ah-mazing memories. Show a true meaning of unity amongst each other.

As I sit here at my desk at work, I think about the fact that once I finished college, summer break was no longer and I have to work throughout the summer; a girls trip is needed (like yesterday). I could be at the beach, enjoying the sun and getting a summer glow that make people say “I see that Melanin GLOWING”. But then reality sets in and I have bills to pay and everyone is busy so we have to stratch traveling the world all #Summer17 off the list, but it did spark a light in my brain. My girls and I deserve some relaxing, we deserve some fun and with do time I want us to put that action in. All of us want to do one thing, start to get stamps on our passports (or even get a passport) and #seesomeworld by 2018.


Also how cute are those IG photos of the travel crews, slaying their photo session with a theme?

Now I’m not sure how much convincing I will have to do, but if this is the first step needed to give some suggestions and even get some suggestions from our readers, I am all for it. So here is my top 3 girls trip that need to happen ASAP!


#45 better slow down and let me check this trip off my bucket list. Brandi and I have been talking about making this trip since the end of last year and I get excited everytime. With some great reviews from our peers who have had the pleasure to see for themselves, I haven’t heard a bad one yet, have you? I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to learning about other countries and cultures and Cuba gives me a feeling that I will be able to learn and have fun at the same time. The scenery, art, music and you can’t beat the price for travel and lodging. Though the beach is not walking distance from Havana, I still want to of course enjoy the water and the sun.

The timeless architecture, riding the city in a vintage taxi and of course Cuban food, where can we sign up?


Girls are you ready for the first possible trip in 2018?


For years a friend of mine takes a trip to Toronto, the way she always sells me on Canadian city is by saying my favorite s word…..Shopping (lol). She comes home with some beautiful pieces for a good price each trip. I think all my girls can be what you consider a shopaholic so thats a reason to add to the list for our girls trip, right?

But they don’t just offer shopping, the city has a diverse history, great city views (the CN tower)

A great night life, the annual Caribbean Festival and it’s known to be a foodies dream with their various restaurants. Now I’m not sure if we will go during the winter because you know, southern girls in the snow is a situation but I wouldn’t cancel it out. So maybe this trip will be planned by 2019, maybe a girls trip and baecation (who knows).

Trinidad and Tobago

One word….. Carnival. Yes ladies, let’s get fine for some feathers, two piece outfits and party!

girls trip

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

My friend was just talking about “Kenya, let’s get ready for Carnival 2019” and all I can say is okay, I’m with it. With looking up some things for this trip, we can go hiking at Paria Waterfalls (another check of the bucket list), learn more about the history and culture at various of attractions (Caroni Sugar Estate and Factory) and see some wildlife too. Lituation, beaches, good food and a place we can truly relax. I’m telling ya’ll now, I don’t see any of us sleeping, I see us having fun and leaving any stress in the U.S.

Now this was just a quick list, I’m sure there is many more place to see but we have to start of small right? Where is your dream trips for your and your girls? What suggestions can you give that weren’t on the list? What are some of your trip essentials? Follow me on IG @ayyeroored and also follow us on IG @prettygirlsmarterwoman.

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