I Spent 3 Hours With A Relationship Coach and A Matchmaker

May 9, 2017

For Three Hours I Discussed Love, Relationships, And Dating With Other Men and Women Looking to Level Up in Love

First let me say I have never met a relationship coach or match maker (not professional ones anyway) a day in my life. So while I wasn’t nervous about being in the same room and having an open discuss on love and relationships with them I must admit I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I also have to admit that I almost didn’t step into the room… I sat in the car a few minutes longer than necessary trying to convince myself that I had made the right decision to attend this “Conversation Party” hosted by relationship coach Troy Spry (we featured him yesterday so if you missed that interview all I am saying is its a must read) and his co-host match  maker Julie Wadley (owns a premier matching making and coaching boutique for women of color). So if you’re confused on what a “conversation party” is, why a relationship coach and matchmaker thought it was a good idea to throw one, and if ever given the opportunity why you should definitely attend one I am going to share my thoughts (honest as always).

relationship coach

So the topic of this particular “conversation party” was “Where is the Love?”  And the question was to be answered by 50-60 professional men and women (of course there were more women in the room but the men represented well). From the quick poll on our relationship status about 80% of the room consisted of singles (no boo or bae to claim), I counted at least 6 married people (possibly more), at least 1 divorcee (she preferred divorcee over single), and a few people who admitted to being in relationships.

The room consisted of a nice mixed crowd to offer honest but different perspectives on love, dating, and relationships. 

My mission in life is to level up in life, love, and business with my Sisters right by my side. If I ever had any doubt in my mind that a relationship coach and matchmaker had the ability to help me “level up” in the love department after spending 3 hours with Troy and Julie let me just say that I got my entire life and all doubt has disappeared. 

I am a firm believer in seeking help (from professionals) when you wish to change certain unhealthy behavior and patterns in life and love.


Here is what I walked away with from the event…

The highlight for me and something that I have struggled with for years…Many of us get so caught up in “chemistry“.

Chemistry is like a drug.

Chemistry will have you doing things in a relationship that you normally wouldn’t do. When you catch yourself dong things out of your character this is your warning sign that Sis you’re in danger and you need to run like hell.

Other key takeaways…

  • There is nothing wrong with me. Everything I have been through in relationships (including the heartbreaks, mistakes, and bad mates) is normal.
  • I am not alone (the struggle is real). There are other women and men who are experiencing the similar frustrations and pain when it comes to dating and relationships.
  • A relationship is a verbal contract between two people.
  • Broken men and women get into relationships every single day. While its ideal to enter into a relationship when you are at your best that’s not reality. Every single day people date imperfect.
  • Men and women don’t communicate not with one another anyway. And because we fail to communicate we fail to understand each other’s needs and wants.
  • Often times our lack of communication is associated with fear. We are scared to have real conversations with one another.
  • A lot of the issues between men and women can be resolved by simply having a conversation.
  • Stop letting social media run relationships. A like is a like. That’s it. It is no indication that he is cheating or interested in another woman.
  • Speaking of social media it hasn’t made cheating this new big thing. But it has publicized cheating way more.
  • Its easy to get married but its hard to get divorced. Choose your mate wisely.
  • Many of us are out here dating “representatives”. We date who we thought they would become. But we need to ask ourselves does he look good off paper?
  • If you don’t have your sh-t together then you probably shouldn’t be dating. Instead you should be taking the time to work on you.
  • Cheating is an indication that something has gone wrong in the relationship (something is broken).
  • Before you enter a relationship you need to first discover what you want out life and then seek a mate that fits into the lifestyle that you desire.
  • Oftentimes we feed into negativity. We need to give less attention to the drama, men, and relationships that we don’t want. Once we discover a person or situation isn’t for us we need to move on. Don’t feed into the situation any more.

And last thing…

Anybody that can get men to discuss their feelings towards women, dating, and relationships in front of women has some serious skill, influence, and knows what the hell they are talking about. See Troy. See Julie.

Beauties if you’re tried of the single life, frustrated with your current love life situation, and want to level up in love and love this year I would highly recommend you reach out to Troy and/or Julie.

We believe in the magic of bold, brilliant, and beautiful black women.- Julie Wadley

Please be sure to tell them the girls over pretty girl, Smarter Woman sent you. And we will definitely keep you updated on the date and details of the next conversation party.

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