Are You Suffering From A Case of Blogger Burnout?

June 20, 2017
Blogger Burnout

5 Ways to Overcome Blogger Burnout When The Struggle Gets Real

Lately I have been struggling to create new content for pretty girl, Smarter Woman. I have content ideas are in my head, I have ideas saved in the notes app in my iPhone, and I have a few ideas written down in my 2017 planner so I really don’t forget them. But these days blogging (for me) is the equivalent of folding clothes (if you could see my room right now then you would know I despise folding and hanging clothes). Kenya and I have spent too much time, money, and energy into launching our blog (which is like our baby) so it’s hard to admit that these days I am not loving being a blogger. Your girl is tired. The burnout is real. And blogging ain’t easy.

I have diagnosed myself with a severe case of  blogger burnout.

Symptoms include:

  • Dreads blogging
  • Finds anything blog related (including other bloggers) annoying
  • Would rather be doing something (just about anything) other than blogging
  • Has not updated blog in over month
  • Has several blog drafts saved but cannot find the strength to hit publish

blogger burnout

Luckily there is a solution to every problem.

If you are suffering from blogger burnout remedy Includes (warning please take advice at your own risk):

Blogger Burnout Advice #1

Stop Listening to Others (Recognize That All Advice Isn’t Good Advice)

blogger burnout

A year ago when I launched there was so much about blogging that I didn’t know (I still don’t know it all today) so quite naturally I listened to the blog advice of the bigger + popular bloggers (also see successful) in hopes that they would share with me the secret sauce to blogging so I could one day (sooner than later) become “blog goals”. 

I started listening and applying every piece of advice they dished out (can you say overwhelming). I am not saying that the advice they were sharing was wrong. But a lot of it wasn’t in alignment with who I was as a blogger or my blog goals. So in essence it was the wrong advice for ME.

These days I am learning to follow my heart, trust my own judgement, and to only accept advice that’s aligned with my goals and my purpose.

Be yourself. No one can say you’re doing it wrong.

Blogger Burnout Advice #2

Stop Making Commitments That You Can’t Keep (To Yourself or to Readers)

blogger burnout

I used to stress myself out trying to create new content 3-5 times a week. I am not quite sure if I made that commitment to myself or to our readers but I was struggling to keep my word.

I used to spend hours each week writing 1000+ word blog posts, photographing and editing my own blog photos (I rarely ever use stock photography), creating graphics (I still struggle in Canva and Photoshop is just a no), and brainstorming “creative” ideas to promote and share my content (because what’s the point of spending hours writing content that no one will read?). It all became to be too much. So I stopped.

These days I blog only when it feels right. And I focus on quality over quantity.

“You do what you want when you’re blogging” -@SheaWhatsReal

Blogger Burnout Advice #3

Stop Trying to Be Everywhere on Social Media

blogger burnout

I agree that social media is a great way (especially considering that its free) to grow your blog/brand, share your content, and even make money (I have made some nice money from promoting my events and products on Instagram this year). But trying to grow, master, create content specifically for every single platform that exists (because they are all so different so what works for one may or may not work for the others) requires more time and energy that I can commit to right now (I mean I do have a life outside of social media and blogging).

Nowadays you can catch me every single day on Facebook, Instgram, and Twitter (my 3 favorites and the only commitments I can keep at the present moment)

Blogger Burnout Advice #4

Take a Break (And Don’t Feel Guilty About It Either)

blogger burnout

Even if you feel guilty take a break anyway. I take more breaks from my blog than I care to admit. But I realized that for my sanity my mini blog breaks are beyond necessary. Sometimes its okay to just be still and do absolutely nothing, recharge, and most importantly remind yourself of why you started in the first place.   

You gotta nourish to flourish.

Blogger Burnout Advice #5

Be Honest With Yourself

blogger burnout

Lately I have been asking myself it I am really about this blogger life. While I absolutely love the women that this blogging journey has introduced in my life (women who have become some of my closet friends and a part of my girl gang “tribe”) I am not sure that blogging is my purpose or my passion (if I can keep being honest). Maybe this blog was a stepping stone to much bigger and greater things that this Universe has in store for me.

Not matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful. – Eleanor Roosevelt.

I am not sure what’s next as far as blogging as concerned but I do know that I will always have a platform that was created to inspire, empower, and celebrate women. That platform just may not always be blogging.

Instead of stressing I just take this crazy thing called life one day at a time. And  mostly importantly learn to enjoy the journey.

How do you deal with blogger burnout? I would love to hear from you! Connect with me on Facebook and lets keep the conversation going or if Instagram is your social media of choice we can discuss there as well.

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