Slaying Hair + Protecting Crowns: Meet Lauren Love

August 9, 2017

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”

Its Wednesday and if you have been following us for a while, then you know we love to put the spotlight on women who are out here being #bosses! Our #WomanCrushWednesday resides in Dallas, Texas, she is a lover of hair, a Paul Mitchell alumni who is passionate about bringing out the beauty in every woman. Reveling the beauty to the woman so that she loves herself even more after sitting in her presence. I would like you all to meet Lauren Love; the mother, Extensions Master. Hair Color Enthusiast/Healer. Crochet Queen (my favorite protective style right now!). A good hair stylist will have you leaving their shop feeling like a whole new woman. Ya’ll want this #blackgirlmagic on this lovely Wednesday? Well sit down and get to know more about Ms.Lauren Love!

One of the reasons we launched “pretty girl, Smarter Woman” was to highlight + celebrate the stories of other ah-mazing career girls and girls bosses who are doing some pretty dope things in their career + personal lives. Lauren is definitely one of those women…she’s the true meaning of “when pretty + Smart collide”.

Lauren has done some ah-mazing things with her talent. With styling hair for major fashion show events (Full Figured Fashion Week, House of DIFFA, Designers Choice Fashion Show, Runway Dallas Fashion show) and 4 magazine publications. Her sights are on flourishing, excelling and prospering behind the scenes of beauty, fashion and the entertainment industry.

Tell our readers about was created to give you an experience on my site that takes you away from your problems, your negative thoughts, and your responisbilities.

It is to express love to you that will only make you love yourself as well. It is so much more than a website, it is a way of life a love life but not with another person but to start with the love for you

What is the inspiration for your blog? What do you want your readers and clients to leave with?

The inspiration for my blog is education. So many times women book an appointment and only leave with the gorgeous hairstyle but have no idea how to maintain it or why they may have natural hair issues that could merely be solved by a home remedy.

I would love for my readers and clients to leave being more aware of the importance of their hair and the importance of their self love because with that awareness the younger women and girls look up to us and we should be able to teach them how to love themselves.

As a hair stylist/beauty expert, what is one of the most common questions that you might receive from others?

The most common questions I receive would have to be:

What hair should I use? How can I get my hair healthy? What color should I go? What products should I use?

How important is it for women to feel good about their hair?

Women feeling good about their hair is very important. Hairstylist are doctors.

Some may disagree because we don’t literally hook up machines to make one breathe but we can give someone life again through a hairstyle, cut, and/or color. A hurt woman stressing and loosing her hair comes in just went through a divorce is dead inside Oh but once she gets a new hairstyle,  a new look she may not be all the way healed but then is when the healing begins!

What are your top 3 natural/protective styles?

  1. Sew ins
  2. Crotchet Braids
  3. Wigs (units)

What are your top 3 beauty needs?

  1. Weave
  2. Eyelashes
  3. Color

Let’s talk color, many times women of color are afraid to try new colors, what are some words that you would let our readers know when trying to find that right color (especially our girls who are in the corporate world)?

When selecting your hair color, you must first understand who you are as a person. Many people don’t realize that color psychology is real! Colors can effect you emotionally. For example, certain colors mean certain things and if you are a bold outgoing person hair colors in the red family would suit you. No matter your skin tone there is always a shade of that color that fits you. You don’t want to be someone who has a “blonde” personality with ” black” hair because it makes you less approachable.

Corporate is so uniform but there are so many ways around their policies.

Corporate women are often scared of color because of how they think they would be labeled especially us women of color. Well I am here to tell you You are in control. You wear the color the color doesn’t wear you. If you want to be purple and you are classy, you would still be a classy purple hair woman purple only looks ghetto if it is worn on a ghetto woman. Hair color is an accessory to enhance your beauty.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I will be a Color Therapist healing women and introducing them to self love through color in my office. I will be traveling as an editorial hairstylist incorporating confidence in women while styling hair.

My “Love You” magazine will be selling out all over the world touching women and girls.

In 5 years I will be healing and showing women how to embrace and appreciate who they are. My book would be almost finished as well. And there is so much more in the works that I just cant release at this time *wink*

What is your favorite quote and why?

Right now in my life I live by affirmations not really quotes.

My favorite affirmation is “I have the power to change my world!’ I live by this affirmation because it sums up everything. If you want to be successful only you can make that happen, if you want more money only you can create profitable opportunities, and if you want peace then only you can remove what’s toxic. It all starts with you! And you are powerful.

What made you pursue your career in being a hair stylist? What words of encouragement to those who are currently pursuing that same aspiration?

This is a funny story, I never imagined being a hair stylist. Really I never had any desire, which I wish I knew at a younger age because I wouldn’t have any student loans. lol. But I was in corporate doing what I’m also good at supervising (being bossy lol) and I was making more money on the side and enjoying what I was doing so much that even if I didn’t make a lot of money I was still enjoying myself. i felt like i was able to be me and connect with people that loved me!

Not the me behind the scripted calls but the one that could express herself through hairstyles and they leave my chair with a brand new confidence that they didn’t walk in with.

My grandmother asked me one day “if you had to wake everyday and go do something you loved to do what would it be?” and I began to think like I was making a small amount of money to push another persons dream and mine was still not fulfilled. So if I had to present someone starting off in this same industry I would say, ” Never allow money to guide you. Money is a prison and holds a negative spirit. Don’t let the money run you you are the owner of the money. Get with God and focus on your purpose and he will give you your profit, Trust Me!”


What would you tell your younger self?

Younger Lauren, pace yourself, do what you love, not what anyone else thinks you should do. Stay consistent and believe that you are great enough to achieve anything. You can and You will!

How do you balance motherhood + your career?

Balancing motherhood and my career is not so bad now that Benjamin is older. It actually inspires him to be an entrepreneur himself. I have been blessed to have a great support system that when it was hard they would help wherever they could.

Describe “black girl magic” in your own words and how important is it?

“Black Girl Magic” is Queens, Goddesses, is a power that so strong that can shift the atmosphere.

A magic so forceful that cant be broken, strong enough to handle any problem and force solutions. Black Girl Magic is a fierce force!

You can get some great hair tips on her website and also if you need her services you can find her on Facebook: LaurenLove    Instagram: thelaurenlove_dotcom. Let her know the ladies from pretty girl, Smarter Woman sent you! And remember to protect your crown sis!

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