Meet Freelance Photographer + Creator of The Queen Agenda Saloan Rochelle

May 11, 2016
Saloan Rochelle

It’s Wednesday (one of my favorite days of the week next to Friday) and what better way to celebrate than by featuring a new #WomanCrushWednesday? I am so excited to share today’s #blackgirlmagic with you. She’s a recent graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, works in the public relations and marketing department for one of the top restaurants in Charlotte, is a freelance photographer (12 years in the game), and founder of the Queen Agenda. If this isn’t the most impressive resume’ ever… I just got my life. I told you she was #blackgirlmagic so please show some love to this Queen… meet Saloan Rochelle.

The Queen Agenda is all about creating a sisterhood of love and positivity. We will not only create this bond through apparel but through music, youth mentor-ship, networking events, and developing community outreach programs to help our fellow Queens to excel.

One of the reasons we launched “pretty girl, Smarter Woman” was to highlight + celebrate the stories of other ah-mazing career girls and girls bosses who are doing some pretty dope things in their career + personal lives. Saloan Rochelle is definitely one of those women…she’s the true meaning of “when pretty + Smart collide”.

On balancing work + love

Honestly? I’m just going to have to go with the power of God. As much as I would like to say “time management”, at this point in my life, time management doesn’t really exist. I usually just go with the flow of each day. I start preparing for my day around 7:30am, get to work by 9:30am, clock out at 5:00pm and whatever is left of the day I make sure that I take care of any photos that need editing, work on whatever is needed for Queen Agenda, normally cook dinner and watch movies with my love until we fall asleep, then wait for whatever the next day brings. In other cases, I may get invited to events, so I spend the remainder of my day showing up and supporting those who reach out to me. Fortunately, my boyfriend is very supportive of my goals and even pitches in on helping me take care of whatever is needed.

We both share the same interest so the exchange of energy makes it easier to include love & play.

If it’s something you really want and love doing, you don’t even pay attention to the time, you just make it happen.

On why she refuses to settle

I’m the type of person that get very antsy when I am not productive or creative, so I guess that is where most of my drive comes from. It’s like I HAVE to do something that inspires me creatively to stay afloat. Aside from that, I just want more. Not only for myself but for my family and future family as well. I want to experience everything that this life has to offer.

The possibilities are endless in my mind and I want to make sure that I get to experience all the things that I envision for my self and the people around me. God willing.

Saloan Rochelle

On finishing what she started- why she went back to college after dropping out

Not finishing something I was so close to completing just always weighed me down. There started to be a sense of failure every time I thought about how close I was to completing. I just wanted to be the woman I knew I could be. Finishing college is not so much about having a piece of paper to say I’m educated, but more about the discipline and the tenacity that one has to go to the next level.

I’ll tell anyone, college courses were easy for me, it was the social life and chasing money that made it hard for me. Once I understood balance, I realized that I could have it all at the same time.

I’d just have to just work harder, stay up later and keep my eyes on the prize.

3 beauty products this #girlboss can’t live without?

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Shine

Best career advice in 5 words or less

Just make it happen.

Defining a QUEEN

A Queen is a woman who knows her power and uses it uplift others around her. She is a go-getter & a shot-caller. She goes after anything she puts her mind to and make the best out of any situation.

She lives in her purpose and doesn’t worry about trying to fit in or compare herself to. She is a woman of God, of passion, of life.

Saloan Rochelle

 Why collaboration among women, especially women of color, is the new competition

I believe that we’re starting to see the power we possess as women and how much more powerful we’d be as a unit.

I don’t see it so much as a competition these days, I think we’re all slowly recognizing that it is necessary to come together and support one another. I feel that collaboration is actually growing among women of color because most of us are growing tired of hating each other for no real reason and of course, with the discrimination we have all been experiencing as of late, we’re starting to see that we’re no different than the next woman. I’ve learned through my experiences that the women we make our enemies may actually turn out to be very good friends, but we never allow those bonds to happen because we let hate over power logic. Sisterhood is important and I think we’re all starting to see that. Queen Agenda stands for that.

#ShesGotNext- What’s next for Saloan

There is so much I have planned as Queen Agenda starts to unfold, but I don’t believe in making premature announcements. I know my plan, but God’s plan always win. I can just hope that both plans align.

However, Queen Agenda Apparel will be releasing in June 2016 and for all of the ladies that have signed up to be notified, you’ll be receiving emails very soon!

Saloan Rochelle

I can’t wait until Kenya and I are both in the same city this Summer so we can shoot with this beauty. What a time to be alive a black girl.

To keep up with all things Saloan Rochelle check her out at Queen Agenda and follow her on Twitter @SaloanRochelle. Tell her the girls over at #prettygirlSmarterWoman sent you.

If you found Saloan Rochelle’s story inspiring please share this interview with your favorite #girlbosses. Remember sharing is caring.

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