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June 14, 2017
Kenya Happy Birthday

This year I really want the girls who read this blog to leave feeling like they really know Brandi and Kenya. One of the reasons we launched “pretty girl, Smarter Woman” was to highlight + celebrate the stories of other ah-mazing career girls + girls bosses who are doing some pretty dope things in their careers + personal lives. Kenya is without a doubt that woman (I know I am biased because she’s my “Little Big Sister”) but she truly inspires + motivates me. I have seen this girl go through the worst of times (she lost her Mom nearly 2 years ago) but survive + overcome every obstacle thrown her way (and she does it with a smile on her beautiful face).

I thought today would be the perfect day to shine the spotlight on my favorite girl since its her BIRTHDAY.

On Deciding To Create “pretty girl, Smarter Woman” With Her First Cousin

It was back in 2009-2010 and I remember the motivation that I got from you during my senior year in college. Almost every day you would tell me “Kenya, don’t forget you’re a “pretty girl but even Smarter Woman”. Next thing I remember was making the plans to put pretty girl, Smarter Woman to the world.

To me it made all the sense to partner up with you because we are total opposites but we both bring something different to the brand.

At the end of the day we clearly had a vision and I wouldn’t of wanted to teamed up with anyone else than the person I’ve known my whole life.

One Thing People Would Be Surprised to Know About Kenya

In uncomfortable places by myself, I will observe my surroundings and not interact with many people. I go off of vibes of my surroundings and if I feel uncomfortable I will become the opposite of myself and appear shy and timid to others.

How She Would Describe a “pretty girl but even Smarter Woman in 3 Words

Sassy, ambitious, magical

Kenya Happy Birthday

Her Favorite Quote

“Life is beautiful.”

I have this quote tattooed but in French and got it after mommy passed.

It was a reminder that regardless of what is going on, you have to make your life beautiful for you. As long as I am doing everything I want to do and being myself; I have no complaints with this thing called life.

Standing Out in What Many Consider an Oversaturated and Competitive Industry

pretty girl, Smarter Woman is a look at many women that are everything pretty and smart. Regardless of her occupation, she will be able to read the posts from you and feel like you are talking to her. If she wants to have some fun she will be able to go to my posts and realize she can incorporate her social life with her professional life.

I read a article that was speaking on how Black women are very career oriented and we tend to forget about the social aspect of life, pretty girl, Smarter Woman shows you just how you can do that. 

Kenya Happy Birthday

How She Juggles Graduate School, A Full Time Job, Being a Blogger, Running a Small Business and Still Finding Time to Enjoy Life

Its difficult especially since adding school back to my routine. When I look back at my life when I was younger and watching my parents, mommy was the workaholic and I rarely saw her enjoying life until I was out of the house and in college. But daddy was the one who after work he relaxed and his weekends were spent doing different things. I then look back at the last year of mommy living and she kept telling me that I need to keep enjoying life but don’t forget how I pay my bills, she said she wished she lived just a bit more and enjoyed life so thats why I feel that I have to have “Kenya time”.

What Advice Would You Share With Young Women Who Are Aspiring Bloggers or Entrepreneurs?

Use your money for the things you can see to benefit your blog/brand/business; remember that google is free and you don’t have to spend all your coins.

Be true to yourself and your brand, it’s like sis don’t get lost trying to be someone else, find your niche and make it work for you.

Be patient with the process, it will all come to you but don’t rush anything; when you rush things, you won’t be prepared to fall on your face and get back up to do it over again.

Kenya Happy Birthday

The Last Book She Read

The last book that I read was “The Gray” by Enitan Bereola II and oh my it had some truths in there that had me in my feelings. In this book, its a study on relationships and where we go wrong. It made me look at failed relationships that I encountered in the past and why do we hang on or go back to those people. I had to recommend this book to some people and my roommate also read it after me. 

The Meaning and Importance of Sisterhood

Sisterhood is powerful and beautiful.

As someone who didn’t have the pleasure to have a blood sister in my life, You thought me sisterhood because regardless of any argument or disagreement we had, we always have been there for each other.

Also I always clinged on my sisterhood with my friends. I have met some amazing women in my life so far and they all have been there. So sisterhood is important to me because you get loyalty, honor, realness from that bond, its needed and we all need that group to be that extra ear or shoulder to talk to; we need those cheerleaders right with us. Our sisters give us that extra push that is needed especially when you share things and they know your dreams and want them to become reality.

What’s next for Kenya? Where do you see yourself a year from now? 5 years from now?

So right now my concentration is on school and pretty girl, Smarter Woman. A year from now I would like to be finished or almost finished with school and looking into relocating. I will also want to expand more with merchandise for pretty girl, Smarter Woman.

Now 5 years from now, who knows where the universe will have me, I can just hope that I am continuing to doing something I love and I am truly happy with myself.

Please show my favorite Gemini some birthday love! Hit her up on Instagram at @ayyeyored and tell her Brandi sent you!

Kenya Happy Birthday

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