Leveling Up in Real Estate: Meet Carmen DaCosta

July 12, 2017

“As a woman you have to work that much harder’ than men in real estate” Egypt Sherrod

Its Wednesday and if you have been following us for a while, then you know we love to put the spotlight on women who are out here being #bosses! Our #WomanCrushWednesday resides in Houston, Texas, you know they say everything in Texas is big and she’s putting her stamp on that statement in the real estate industry. I had the pleasure to interview Carmen DaCosta (who is a fellow Panther) who is becoming one of Houston’s go to real estate agents in the fast growing city. This year our focus is to #levelup in life, business and love, and her gems that she’s giving might help you with your decision to purchase your first home! Are ya’ll ready to get to know this #latinaboss today? Well sit down and get to know more about Ms.Carmen DaCosta?

One of the reasons we launched “pretty girl, Smarter Woman” was to highlight + celebrate the stories of other ah-mazing career girls and girls bosses who are doing some pretty dope things in their career + personal lives. Carmen DaCosta is definitely one of those women…she’s the true meaning of “when pretty + Smart collide”.

Real Estate

Tell our readers a little bit about who is Carmen?

I am a Native Panamanian, however my Father left our country to join the US Army to provide a better life for our family that allowed us to see and live in different countries. I enjoy traveling, being exposed to new things, spending time with family & friends, and taking advantage of opportunities that can enhance my personal development and growth.

My journey began moving to Houston from Killeen, TX graduating from Prairie View A&M University earning two degrees; Bachelors of Science in Psychology & Masters of Arts in Counseling.

In my latter years working for Corporate America, I decided to obtain my Real Estate License & invest in Real Estate.

Do you feel that with you being young, latina and a woman in real estate, you have to work harder than your counterparts?

Selling homes & being a small investor can be very competitive at times. In this industry your experience can be weighed heavily to do deals or acquire deals.

I don’t allow seasoned agents/investors to intimidate or discourage me because I’m a woman, young, or because of my nationality.

I know there’s an opportunity for everyone regardless of their gender, color, or age therefore I will continue to press through & work hard.

Real Estate

What made you want to flip houses?

Flipping homes is a quick way to earn a lump sum of money in a short period of time.

Ultimately, my objective to acquiring homes is to generate monthly residual income. Therefore, buying and holding allows me to do that. However, the goal is to obtain a multi-family property (5+ units) to generate a target monthly residual income. In order to obtain a larger commercial multi-family property you need the availability of liquid assets, flipping homes will create that availability to large liquid cash.

Being in the real estate industry, what are some gems you would tell our readers who are looking into buying their first home?

First I would say you have made a great decision, purchasing a home can be very exciting although the learning curve can be challenging; its one of the best investments you can make.

My advice to a first time homebuyer is do a little research, understand the process.

Narrow down your homeownership goals, find out how much home you can afford, be aware of your financial situation & credit. Location is also key, be aware of the population growth, income growth, & job/employment growth which is essential to resale value. Nonetheless, there are several programs that can assist a First time Home-Buyer that can save them a lot of money on their first purchase.

Real Estate

What would you tell someone who is looking to be in the real estate industry?

Real Estate can make you become successful. Successful people master fear, don’t let fear deter you from reaching and accomplishing your goals.

Real Estate is a market that will never go away, there’s always a demand whether someone is renting or owning.

Do you think your ambitious drive makes it hard for you to date?

Yes and No.

I have come across some men who admire an ambitious woman who is self efficient & independent that will motivate & encourage.

But then there are some who I feel are a bit insecure about their situation or they’re used to having control in their relationship so coming across a woman who can’t be controlled that’s confident and has her own plan can make a man feel less and not want to pursue me.

Real Estate

Top 3 fashion brands

  1. Zara
  2. Urban Outfitters
  3. Top Shop

Top 3 beauty needs

  1. Lashes
  2. Becca/MAC Foundation
  3. Bronzer

What would you tell your younger self?

Don’t worry, you’re going to be ok…all of your hard work will pay off!

To keep up more or if you have any questions about real estate with Carmen, you can hit her up on Instagram @carmen_no_sandiego and tell her Kenya sent you!

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